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Conservative Businessman Dave Schatz Makes Pledge to Serve Full Term

Pledge states that Schatz will fulfill duties and not leave early for higher office

SULLIVAN, Mo – Conservative businessman and State Senate candidate Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, today announced a Full Term Pledge to the people of the 26th District, which includes Franklin County and parts of St. Louis County.

“The people of Franklin and St. Louis counties deserve a State Senator who will focus on them, not the next office they plan to run for,” Schatz said.  “The problems our state and our nation face are largely caused by self-interested career politicians who are more worried about their next election than about their constituents.”

Schatz, who is a businessman and a citizen-legislator, believes that, too often, candidates use their offices as a stepping-stone to higher office. Earlier this year, in four legislative districts, Missourians were left without representation when Governor Jay Nixon refused to call elections to replace three State Representatives and a State Senator who left office early.

“As your State Senator, it is my duty to remain focused on serving the people of the 26th District throughout my term, not using the Senate to run for higher office. This seat is too important to be left without an elected member of the Senate as we saw earlier this year,” Schatz said.  “That is why I pledge to the people to serve out my whole term in the Senate and I would encourage voters to hold any candidate for this office accountable to a full term pledge.”

Schatz is a conservative businessman.  He lives in Sullivan with his wife, Chara, and their children. He is active in his church and community.

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