Ethical Leadership.
Proven Conservative.

Dave’s Views


Dave is a proven conservative.  He has been a champion for our conservative values.

Experience to Create Jobs – Dave is a businessman, not a career politician.  He believes that to get our government on the right track, we need more leaders with real world experiences, not more career politicians.  He has supported reforms to stop unnecessary regulations on small businesses and tax cuts to let Missouri families and job creators keep more of what they earn.  With his experience, he knows what it takes to create jobs and grow our economy.

Ethical Leadership – Like you, Dave is sick of the backroom deals and career politicians interested in their own political ambition.  As a Christian and a businessman, Dave knows that you are only as good as your word.  He will be an honest leader with the integrity to do what is right for the people.

Consistent Defender of our Values – Dave knows that our values are what make our families and our communities strong.  He is 100% pro-life and believes that life is precious and defending life means standing up for the unborn, at every opportunity.  He believes in standing up for traditional marriage and our religious freedoms. Dave has also been a champion for our Second Amendment rights and is a member of the NRA. Dave will continue his consistent leadership defending our values as our State Senator.

A Citizen Legislator – Our nation’s Founding Fathers believed that in order to have a government that worked for the people, and by the people, our republic must have leaders committed to service, not their own interests. They believed in real life experience and not politics as a career. As your State Senator, Dave will be serving as a citizen-legislator, bringing his experience to serve you and protect your rights.

A Defender of Liberty – Dave believes the role of our state government is to defend our freedoms from attack.  Whether in Washington D.C. or from liberals in Jefferson City, our freedoms are constantly under attack.  Dave has been tireless in his defense of our freedoms.